Thanks to everyone who funded the new album.

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Dear friends & allies of Sea Power

We are currently making plans for our next album… and we would, once more now, like to call on your vital support.

The BSP/SP audience has always been among the most supportive known to modern music. Our thanks remain truly EVERGREEN on this front. 

With your crowd-sourced collateral we have made a record free of any restraints or constraints whatsoever – an album we can be proud of and an album that, fate willing, you will love. Over the last two years or so you have had a MIGHTY MATERIAL AFFECT.

There are still things we need to do to promote the release so you can still
Pre-order the CD box sets or sign up as below and you will help fund the next SP album. (Please note that on February 11th 2022, the core album tracks will be issued as conventional CD, vinyl, stream and download, etc).

Please consider engaging with one or more of the below supportive action plans. 
Come join us in the fathomless unknown. 
Sea Power
Disclaimer: We wholeheartedly plan to have this album out in 2019 or 2020. This is the firm plot, but please be aware that unseen factors may effect this schedule….