Sea Power Donations

All at Sea Power are overjoyed at the response to their recent Krankenhaus Festival. We are truly delighted to hear everyone had such a brilliant and memorable time. We all did too!
As you can appreciate, it isn’t easy making an event like this happen and it is still more an an act of artistic passion than a financially rewarding experience. We are OK with this, and we are learning along the way how to make it work in practical and creative terms.
Whilst we decide if, when and how a 3rd Krankenhaus Festival could happen we have received all your helpful feedback, including that many of you would happily have paid a higher ticket price. On hearing that the band and manager will not earn anything from this years festival and will incur a small loss, many kind people have asked if they can donate towards this years festival to show their appreciation.

So here it is…..If you had an amazing time at Krankenhaus and think you can spare £5/£10/£20 or anything at all it would be sincerely and hugely appreciated. Many thanks, all at Sea Power